24 March 2007


I enjoy shopping online, much better than trailing round the shops in the cold. I know I am not alone in that!! Online shopping, like any other shopping, is even better if you feel like you are getting a bargain. If you need gifts for Easter you need to get started now - my family are too old and too fat for easter eggs so they get different easter gifts. At couponchief there are online coupons and discounts for all the things I am ever likely to need.

The couponchief site makes it easy to find your way around. Deals are listed by the name of the store, and there are some big names around - ebags and Gap are on the site, for example. Or you can browse the online coupons by category. The gifts section will actually help you get some ideas on what to buy for your loved ones, it is not just limited to flowers and chocolates. A nice designer bag at a discount, for example? Oh, did I mention that my birthday is approaching?

Couponchief adds new deals to its coupons every day so it is worth bookmarking the site and checking back. When I visited Couponchief today I was really surprised at this. Today there were over twenty new offers, and a similar that had been added yesterday. And the featured merchants include big high street names, remember!



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