26 March 2007

Review - 'The Secret' Science of Getting Rich

I was asked to review 'The Secret', a success programme based on the movie of the same name. The film, which was released last year, has already transformed the lives of thousands, because it is not just another self improvement system. Neither is it simply about making money. The lessons in the film can improve every aspect of your life if you apply them. The premise of 'The Secret' is that you can make a paradigm shift in your mindset, to attract the things in life that you want. The feeling is a little like the first stages of infatuation, in that when you have a positive attitude the world around you changes.

The Secret was featured on the Oprah show, but do not let that put you off - it is full of solid information and advice: so much so that people who have bought and watched the DVD have been longing for more. Now it has arrived in the shape of this comprehensive new how-to tutorial. The teachers from the movie are now promising to let you into even more secrets, and they have an impressive pedigree. Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for The Soul, Bob Proctor, highly regarded success coach, and Michael Beckwith - a popular spiritual leader. These three will guide you through all the stages to help you understand and live 'The Secret'. After you complete The Secret DVD and seminar program, you can become an affiliate and earn money from recommending it to others.



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