28 March 2007

Point of Sale Innovators

Point of sales systems have been the subject of major investment over the past three decades for any retail business that needs and efficient retail pos system to maintain its market position. These systems provide the kind of management data that any modern company now needs in order to monitor stock and operating costs. The reduction in losses and improvement profits that are possible have appealed to corporations like Aeropostale, Regal Entertainment and TJX Companies, all of whom have engaged the point of sale market leader, Vision Point of Sales. The particular attraction of using Vision is their innovative work on reusing certified, pre-owned point of sale products to enable even further cost containment. At the moment Vision is working on behalf of retail giant Aeropostale to replace point of sale equipment in all its 650 stores nationwide. Up till now 325 outlets have been refitted using a mix of new and pre-owned certified printers, cash drawers and keyboards. The refits are continuing at a rate of three stores a week, and the whole group will be complete by the end of 2007.
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