26 March 2007

Sell Sunglasses

I am currently making a reasonable living working at home, but I am open to new opportunities. Maybe it is the Spring air, but I would like to start another business selling real things to real people. Now that the car boot season is about to start, it might be worth considering Wholesale Sunglasses. Very few of us can pass by a display of trendy shades, and this is an easy business to start. The top wholesalers, CTS Wholesale Sunglasses, give you help every step of the way. The more you can sell, the more they can sell - makes sense. They have wholesale replica designer sunglasses at prices starting form as little as $10 per dozen. The sunglasses designs are constantly updated to keep track of the top price versions sold in designer stores, and there are assorted packages that you can sell at a gross profit as high as 400%. They do not tie you in to a minimum order! You need to show your wares properly, and CTS can help you do it with display racks and accessories. Another good thing is that they don't plaster THEIR name all over YOUR goods, so your great-priced supply is your trade secret!
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