31 August 2007

Oz for you

Australia is a place that has it all, more or less. Sun, plenty of space, beaches and now a hip new image. South Australia especially is lately the place where the hip individuals want to be.

The place is far more interesting than the picture we we get from imported soaps, as anyone who has visited will know. The people are more open, the population is diverse and this has given rise to a boom in cultural and artistic venues. Adelaide is renowned as the cultural capital of Australia, with dozens of innovative art galleries, housed in some of the most interesting buildings of this beautiful city.

Air fares to Australia have never been more competitive, and a memorable trip can cost a lot less than you might expect. You can get some very good prices on some of the best Adelaide Hotels at the moment, with four star hotels like the Rockford at $AU140 a night. This is a great location to be at the heart of Adelaide's nightlife and cultural activities.

Of course if you travel from the northern hemisphere you will want to see as much of the country as possible, so check out a stay at one of the best Perth Hotels like the Grand Chancellor, located close to Perth's Central Business District and extensive shopping are. Perth has tw
o airports, one for domestic departures and one for international flights: both are just twenty minutes from the hotel.

Most of us could not visit Oz without seeing the iconic Sydney skyline and you will be pleased to find that Sydney Accommodation is just as competitive. The Accor Menzies has plenty of charm with its old world exterior and top notch hotel facilities. The hotel overlooks Wynyard Park, close to the business district and is only a few minutes walk from major attractions like Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Three great cities, plenty of top deals for you: all you need to do is click and book your place,


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28 August 2007

England hotels

If you are planning to visit England soon, I recommend it highly. Not just because I was born in London, but it really is now the epitome of 'Cool Britannia'. England is not a cheap country to visit but you can defray your accommodation costs by searching at Cheaperthanhotels.com. Their rates for top quality Hotels in London are cheaper than the hotel's public rate, and often much lower than you would pay for a hostel or for self catering. And a hotel is just a nicer place to stay - London has hundreds of great hotels close to all the attractions, I would recommend staying in Bloomsbury, which is handy for the British Museum, Covent Garden and the Houses of Parliament.

Do not forget that England consists of more than London alone. The cities of Birmingham and Manchester also demand some attention! Manchester went through a renaissance in the 1980s thanks to the rise of local bands to world class fame and it is a centre of innovation in all the creative arts. The most fashionable of the Hotels in Manchester, the Lowry, is situated on the banks of the River Irwell in the recently-developed Chapel Wharf area. This contemporary design with its dramatic, curved, glass-fronted façade is a great base for seeing the city and surrounding moorland.

The best area forHotels in Birmingham is, in my view, the Canal area - close to the conference centre, pubs, clubs and bars. The Campanile is located right on the canalside fro a tranquil setting less than 1km form the city centre.
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Staying in Paris

I have visited Paris several times and stayed in different places, some good and some not so good. I feel that you will enjoy your stay more if you choose one of the centrally located Hotels in Paris rather than one that is situated out in the further arrondissements. If you search online you can filter the hotels according to location. When you stay in the center you can stroll along the Seine by night and see the lights reflected in the water, looking across to the futuristic skyline of La Defense and of course take a nightcap at one of the pavement cafes in the Champs Elysee.

Hotels in France are not really expensive by international standards, there is a very good government-run rating system and they are obliged to offer a 'prix fixe' meal in the hotel restaurant. In the countryside this is important as there might not be another restaurant from miles. The fixed price menu usually features local dishes and plenty of fresh produce. I would always check this out, they are popular with all diners and are not just invented for tourists.

Your Paris Hotel is unlikely to have its own restaurant unless you stay in a three star establishment or more. When you eat outside look for cafes that are used by Parisians themselves. There are plenty of these is you move off the main boulevards into the narrow streets running up to Sacre Coeur or around the Pompidiou Museum at Beauborg. Finally, do not miss the Musee d'Orsay, which is located in a former railway terminal.


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26 August 2007

Worth it?

How would you like to find somebody with similar tastes to you, to act as your personal unpaid trip planner for your next holiday? This is not as unlikely as you might think. Thanks to the power of web 2.0 technology there is a site called realtravel.com, voted one of the twelve essential travel sites by Forbes Magazine. This site is open for free registration to anybody who wants to share their latest travel experiences or comment on a trip planner report that another member has posted.

The site contains thousands of detailed and evocative vacation reports, where you can find out about the best and worst of a country, region or resort seen through the eyes of real people who paid for their trips, unlike many of the professional trip planner stories posted by reporters who visited the place on expenses!

I had a quick look round this site and found a beautifully illustrated report of a trip to Ephesus, a world heritage site in Turkey. This brought back memories for me, and there were some great photos of the restored library that forms the highlight of the visit. This lady (Emily) had also visited Pamukkale, a place I had wanted to visit after seeing so many photos of it. But thanks to Emily, I found out that there really is not a lot to see - my trip planner has therefore saved me the disappointment of planning a visit and finding it is an anticlimax. Highly recommended site.


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25 August 2007

Real travel

If you want to know what a destination is really like, you speak to someone who has been there. Of you don't know anybody who has visited, then you would have to take the travel company's word for it. But now there is a travel blog called Real Travel, which gives you absolutely everything you need to check out a country, a resort or a trip. We went on a self guided walking holiday a few months ago and the information we found was quite piecemeal. But if a member of the Real Travel community has been there, you can rely on getting a factual and interesting report.

One of the places I would like to go walking sometime in the future is Northern Italy and I searched through this travel blog and found a really nice story about the walks that are located between Trentino and Alto Adige, Italy. The member who visited had written up a summary of her complete week long itinerary , so you got details of every part of the route. You can find out how long to stay in each village or town and the things to do while you are there. The member who wrote the story even detailed when she stayed and what was happening at the time, so you get a true insight into the attractions of the area.

This travel blog has thousands of well-researched account on destinations in all parts of the world, so it is well worth a visit to research an holiday or just to get ideas for your next trip.


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22 August 2007

Watch your eyes

I only realised when I moved home recently that almost everything you need to furnish the place can now be bought online. One prime example is lighting - it is quite easy to choose the lamps you like when the site has good photographs, and you also need to know the dimensions. For a ceiling light the online shop should tell you how low it hangs from the ceiling downwards. That is especially important if you are looking at ceiling fans, or you could decapitate someone.

When you start browsing through the online catalogue you will also see lights and lamps that you had not even thought of. Most living rooms look better with one or two floor lamps to give a more subtle lighting effect than one central fitting. If you work at home on a computer then you will probably find desk lamps are helpful to avoid eye strain. In the evenings, the light from your screen is not enough and you could strain your eyes without the right lighting.

Another favourite for me is to have plenty of table lamps arranged around the rooms, to give extra light for reading or doing puzzles while sitting on the sofa. When you buy online you can compare prices much more easily and the items are delivered to your door withing seven days.


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21 August 2007

Poker for macs

If you enjoy playing poker and other gambling online then you are probably aware that almost wevry piece of software or download site out there is designed for a PC rather than a Mac. Tough for Mac owners, but things are improving for you. The Mac pokerstars download will very shortly be available in Mac version, with state of the art graphics. If you do not know Pokerstars, you have a treat in store: it is the largest online poker room, with prize pools topping $1m. Go to PokerOnaMac to be kept updated in advance of the release.


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15 August 2007

Safe Way to Preview Adsense ads

I received a question from a new Adsense blogger asking if they would breach Google's terms of service by viewing their own Adsense pages. Of course you need to check the Adsense ad layout on your pages from time to time, although you need to take care - NEVER click on your own Adsense Ads. By viewing your pages using Internet Explorer you can also install the Google AdSense Preview Tool. This is an addition to the right-click menu for Windows Internet Explorer 6.x, allowing you to preview the ads that may show on any web page. I find this has limited use, but it can help you find the URLs of Made For Adsense sites that you can list in your competitive ad filter. The preview tool is not yet available for Firefox, sadly.


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14 August 2007

Job search

Here is an interesting new website for anyone who needs to check out current hot UK job vacancies. A news site, JumptoJobs.co.uk the search engine for jobs offers a search system on the site has more than 500,000 jobs listed. These are on offer from agencies as well as direct from employers and the job seeker can target them down to county and occupation so you see only the jobs that you can travel to. A welcome addition to the jobs market.

JumptoJobs.co.uk today announced the launch of their innovative search engine for jobs. Their system allows job-boards, recruitment agencies and corporate HR departments to easily deliver very targeted jobseeker traffic to their websites.

The system requires no administration from the recruiter’s because the jobs are indexed from their current location on the internet, JumptoJobs.co.uk simply makes it possible for jobseekers to find the jobs more quickly and easily.

Recruiters have the option to pay per click or pay per application. In each case they can guarantee that they are only paying for results delivered. This removes the risk element usually associated with recruitment advertising where recruiters have to pay for the advertising whether applications are delivered or not.

Pay per click and pay per application are revolutionising recruitment advertising in the same way that they have revolutionised many other types of online advertising through Google, Yahoo, MSN and many other major online advertising media.

JumpToJobs.co.uk’s fanatical account management team will do all of the technical work for the recruiter and absolutely no technical expertise are required to use the system. Comprehensive statistical reports are frequently emailed to the recruiter so that they can easily monitor the success of their campaigns.

Emailed Job alerts and RSS feeds allow Jobseekers to monitor a large number of recruitment websites for all new jobs that match their criteria. This system also offers recruiters an additional advertising opportunity.


JumptoJobs.co.uk is a new product by saongroup.com. saongroup.com have more than 10 years experience in online recruitment. The group has job boards in UK, Ireland, China, The Middle East, The Caribbean and India.



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02 August 2007


Any front end retail business needs proper equipment to take the money and keep track of its stock if it is to stay in business. I have even seen market stalls that employ card swipers and scanners to take card payments. How do small businesses like that manage to stump up the money to invest in point of sale gear? The answer is that they can buy used pos equipment
that has become available when a big retailer has decided to replace its system. Often the discarded systems can be as little as two or three years old and they are refurbished and cleared before being released for sale. The cost difference is huge and the buyer can get the stuff for half the cost of buying new. It makes sense because you can get quality brands, like ibm pos equipment, at second hand prices. It is well worth having POS systems for all the benefits of reduced paperwork, better security and stock tracking, and used versions put this equipment in the reach of every small business.


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Today I was reading about a product that is new to my understanding but apparently has a long history as a trusted natural remedy. It is called Mesosilver, and it is the purest and most effective form of true colloidal silver. Mesosilver is actually a version of pure silver in colloidal form, that means minute particles of silver are suspended in a solution making it usable by the human body. I was aware that our bodies need minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium to function well and resist disease but I have never seen silver listed in this way. to its optimum. Colloid means silver particles, not silver irons. Pure colloidal silver is acknowledged as a detox remedy that can also cure hundreds of ailments and diseases. Mesosilver colloidal silver contains only pure water and pure silver, is a tasteless liquid and does not require refrigeration after opening. I think this is a natural cure worth considering.


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